About Akdagli Textile

Akdagli Textile

Akdagli Textile working as a family business since 1998 in Buldan that is known weaving land.

We produce woven fabric, peshtamal, bathrobes, pique, ready-to-wear products that sell and export to domestic and foreign markets.

We prepare our products in hand looms, black looms and automatic weaving looms according to the demands of our customers in the patterns, sizes or colors. We offer our customers quality products that we weave with 100% cotton yarn, bamboo, linen, viscose yarns. We can produce with any colors & yarn counts in the product catalog.

Our customers requests are our number one priority. We deliver as your requested quantity with quality control at deadline.

Keeping your trust in us is always our top priority.

Our Main Goal: Quality

Akdagli Hand Weavings is a research-oriented and innovative factory. Our main goal is to keep our quality in our production at the global level.

Our factory aims to be the factory that produces the best woven fabrics by providing the best raw materials and using qualified work force.

Our Mission

Our mission is make production according to our customer requests. That use 100% cotton, 70% bamboo, 30% cotton, 50% cotton yarns to high quality products for global and Turkey. We continue our journey with that mission.